Monday, May 13, 2013

Should you migrate from MyISAM to Innodb?

Most frequent question asked by MyISAM users is, should they switch to innodb storage engine or continue working with MyISAM storage engine. Although both engines have their own pros and cons but Innodb is the best choice you can make for your database. Let's discuss why.

  1. With Innodb you don't have to deal with crash tables, table locks and partially executed statements. While these issues are common with MyISAM.
  2. Innodb provides consistency and durability through transaction log and cheksum validations.
  3. Innodb provides many performance benefits like higher concurrency, caching data, primary data clustering etc. However there are some drawbacks also like very large table size, slow write operations and others.
  4. Innodb maintains data integrity while executing queries. It also provides row locking means two or more queries can be run at the same time thereby providing multiuser concurrency.
  5. Innodb is an ideal choice when you need to store complex relationships and interactions.
  6. Innodb has many advanced features that are not present in MyISAM.
  7. Innodb is best option for write intensive websites.
  8. Choose innodb if you want high transaction speed and reliability.

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