Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Safe Way to Recover MySQL Database

MySQL is a relational database application, which is widely used for many web based projects. Like any other database application, MySQL also stores various important data. Hence, any problem with the database, results in the complete inaccessibility of the valuable data, which may lead to huge business loss. However, there are many MySQL recovery software that can help you deal with the MySQL problems and recover your precious data back.

MySQL runs as a database server and provides multi-user access to many different databases. For its usability and features, this application is used by many big World Wide Web products, such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc. However, there are occasions, when MySQL gets corrupted and all the data in it becomes completely inaccessible.

There are thousands of such reasons behind possible MySQL corruption. Below listed, are some of the most prominent ones:

1. Unexpected MySQLD (MySQL Server) shutdown
2. Operating system corruption
3. Virus or Malware infection
4. Corruption of files: ".myd", ".frm" and ".myi"
5. Damage to the Metadata structure
6. MySQL bugs
7. Damage to the "ibdata" file
8. Configuration problem etc.

In all the above situations, your MySQL becomes completely inaccessible until it is being repaired by any effective MySQL recovery application.

These software are developed with many fine search algorithms that can scan the whole drive and gather every detail about the inaccessible MySQL database. These powerful utilities are able to repair the database and retrieve the data even in case of severe corruption.

Before running the repairing utility, you need to handle the drive with extreme care. The drive must be guarded against any further corruption or overwriting of the MySQL database in it. Moreover, the software selection is very crucial, as you need to ensure the read-only property of the software, you are using.

However, most of the available MySQL recovery software are completely risk-free in nature and you can run them on your precious database without worrying about the safety of the data in it. Apart from this, these utilities are developed with detailed instructions based graphical user interfaces, which do not require any further assistance in using them.

Stellar Phoenix MySQL Recovery is a wonderful utility to recover MySQL database safely. The software can help you to retrieve your tables, views, relations etc. from both InnoDB as well as MyISAM database engines. This software is developed to work on MySQL 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x and is compatible with almost all recent Windows operating systems.

Mark willium is an Internet interpreter doing research on the application, that recover corrupted MySQL database and its objects like tables, views, relations and many more.

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