Sunday, March 17, 2013

MySQL back to basics: Commands for newbie users

Here is the list of most basic and useful commands for MySQL newbie user. These commands are used time and again.

To create a database
mysql> create database [database_name];

To delete a database
mysql drop database [database_name];

To create a table
mysql> create table [table_name];

To delete a table
mysql> drop table [table_name];

To delete a row from table
mysql> DELETE FROM [table_name] where [field_name] = “any value”;

To show all the data
mysql> SELECT * FROM [table_name];

To show particular row
mysql> SELECT * FROM table [table_name] where [field_name] = “any value”;

To show unique records
mysql> SELECT DISTINCT [column_name] from [table_name];

To count rows
mysql SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [table_name];

To find sum of rows
mysql> SELECT SUM(*) FROM [table_name];

To add a column
mysql> ALTER table [table_name] add column [new column_name] varchar(10);

To delete a column
mysql> ALTER table [table_name] drop column [column_name];

To modify data in a table
mysql> UPDATE [table_name] SET column1 = value1, column 2 = value2 where some column = value;

To sort data in ascending or descending order
mysql> SELECT [column_name] from [table_name] ORDER BY [column_name] ASC| DESC;

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