Monday, February 25, 2013

How to repair damaged MySQL database when everything else fails

Have your MySQL database got corrupted? Are you tired of trying every possible solution and nothing works or worse and you don’t have even updated backup of your database. Don’t stress! Your data is safe. You can try an amazing third party tool named Stellar Phoenix database repair for MySQL. It repairs damaged innodb and myisam tables in all possible cases of corruption. Using this tool you can repair damaged database created on both Windows and Linux OS.
Steps to repair damaged database using Stellar Phoenix database repair for MySQL on Windows:
  1. Select database: Select the database that you want to repair. There are two option for selecting a database.
  • Automatic: In automatic selection it will automatically select the database from default configuration location of MySQL.
  • Manual: In manual selection you have to manually select the database from the location where your corrupt file is stored.

  1. Scan: After selecting the database, click on the Scan button to start scanning of database.

  2. Preview: You can also see the preview of repairable objects in a tree like structure.
  3. Repair: Now click on Repair button from the File menu.
  4. Save: The repaired database file will be saved in a new folder at the same location where you have installed MySQL database.
Steps to repair damaged tables using Stellar Phoenix database repair for MySQL:
  1. In Linux, copy the ibdata1 and database folder from the location \var\lib\MySQL and paste it in your Windows system.
  2. Run the software.
  3. After recovery, copy the recovered database and database folder back in your Linux system at the same location \var\lib\MySQL.


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