Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Migration Tool: A source RDBMS to MySQL

What is MySQL workbench migration tool?
As name suggest, it is a migration tool that converts a relational database to another relation database. For example you can easily migrate from Microsoft SQL server to MySQL with the help of this tool. It will automatically convert as much data as it can but sometimes you may require editing to automatically migrated data for complex cases. As per MySQL developer, this migration tool automatically migrates tables & its data only, for code objects such as stored procedures, triggers & views are not. It is successfully tested for SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012.

What are the steps performed by migration tool when migrating a database to MySQL?
MySQL workbench migration tool performs following steps during migrating a database to MySQL database:
  • Connect to the source relation database management system (RDBMS) and try to retrieve all the databases & schemas present in the source RDBMS.
  • Now it automatically migrates source RDBMS object into MySQL objects.
    • Target table is created.
    • Target schema is crated.
    • Foreign key for the table is created.
    • View, stored procedure & function objects are copied.
  • Now you can review changes.
  • Edit & correct if required from migrated objects.
  • Create a migrated object in MySQL server.
  • Copy tables & data from source RDBMS to MySQL server.
What are the system requirements for migration?
MySQL workbench migration tool uses ODBC driver for migration. If you have already installed ODBC driver correspond to your database that you want to migrate then no need to install, if not then you have to install this driver for migration.

SQL server database-->ODBC driver-->ODBC manager-->MySQL database

What will be the benefits after migration?
You will get following benefits after migration to MySQL on windows:
  • Up-to 90 % lower TCO.
  • Reliability & large platform support.
  • Performance, scalability, and integration.
Where can I download MySQL workbench migration tool?
You can download this migration tool from MySQL official website. The current version of MySQL migration tool is 5.2.42. You have to select your OS platform first.

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