Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reliable Utility to Resolve MySQL Error Code 144 and Recover Precious Data Back

The applications that are involved in on-line transactions or are accessed by huge number of users on a daily basis require databases at the back-end to store important data. The database linked at the back-end of an on-line application either works as a base storage of the data related to the transactions or stores the authorization, authentication, and accountability information of accounts for proxy server verification. For its good internal structure and fast counter response, MySQL is widely used in various on-line applications. At times MySQL database gets corrupt and all the data in it becomes completely inaccessible. For such situations, Stellar Data Recovery has developed an advanced MySQL repair utility, which is powerful enough to repair the corrupt database and recover your data back.

The corrupt MySQL database can be referenced by various error messages on the screen. While trying to access any table from the corrupt MySQL database, you may encounter an error message as below:

MySQL error code 144: Table is crashed and last repair failed

There can be a number of possible reasons behind the corruption of a MySQL database, such as sudden or improper shut down of the system, corruption to the file system of the computer, virus infection, or contradiction with any newly installed hardware/software.
In order to repair the corrupt MySQL database and recover your precious data from it, you can run some suggested commands. Below steps will guide you in this regard:

  • Try running the command, 'myisamchk -r', which is meant to drop the invalid rows in the MySQL table and reconstruct its index file. The utility helps in verifying and repairing the damaged MySQL database tables.
  • After running ‘myisamchk’ utility, run the ‘Check Table’ command to verify the MyISAM table for errors, if there is any. The syntax for the command is as below:
CHECK TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name] ... [option] …
  • If the problem is still there, you can repair the corrupt MySQL database table by running the command, 'Repair Table' as below:

At times, if the MySQL table has got severely damaged, the above commands even fail to resolve the problem and your data in the database remains inaccessible. In such a situation, you can opt for the software - Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL. The software has been programmed with a powerful algorithm to recover your data from the corrupt MySQL database, irrespective of the reason behind the corruption. This database recovery software is completely reliable and you can perform recovery operation, without any fear of data loss.

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