Friday, January 6, 2012

What are the Importance & Use of MySQL database Backup?

Performing backup of MySQL database is the most important activity of any database administrator but most of database administrators just neglect this activity. It is like a nightmare situation for the administrators, if database gets corrupt and there is no any backup available to recover MySQL database. At this scenario, they will realize that they have done a blunder mistake. Backup helps to handle any type of corruption strike by virus, hardware failure and other. 

Always try to take a proper backup because without proper backup, you will unable to restore complete database properly.

In this section, we will discuss about all the important aspect related to the backup of MySQL database:
  • When do you need MySQL backup?
  • What do you need to be backed up?
  • When should you perform backup?
  • Where to store backup?
  • How can perform backup?
When do you need backup? Backup will help you in several conditions like hard disk failure, system crash, virus attack, wrong user actions, power failure and many more. In case of accidental drop or delete table, backup helps for recovery.

What do you need to be backed up? For proper functioning of MySQL database, you will have to take the backup of database content, log files and configuration information.

When should you perform backup? Time is very important factor for maintaining proper backup. Always take a backup of your MySQL database on regular basis and try to avoid during peak hour. It also depends upon the value and amount of your database.

Where to store backup? You can store database backup on the same server, another server, removable media or any other locations.

Note: Always maintain your MySQL database backup on more than one location.

How can perform backup? You can perform backup by several methods like copying table method, backups with mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy , backup using replication slave and other.

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