Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Repair MySQL Table using phpMyAdmin?

MySQL is a relational database and uses table to store the data. Table has column and row to store records. An Individual column must be created to store each type of data like employee name, employee code, employee address, age, sex, and many more. On the other side row contains the actual value that specified with the column of table.

Example: Lets consider an example, we have created an employee details table. Employee details table has five columns employee name, employee code, employee address, employee age, and employee sex. We can insert values into the employee details table through the insert query.

We have inserted John, s0300, New Jersey, 28, and M. Wherein

John= Employee name
s0300=Employee code
New Jersey=Employee adress
28=Employee age
M=Employee Sex.

Corruption in Employee Details Table: Corruption in the above table can happen due to severely reasons like operating system failure, power failure, hardware problem, metadata structure corruption, virus attack, and many more.

How to Repair?: When MySQL database tables get corrupted or damaged, you can repair and restore corrupted MySQL table by carrying out the below mentioned methods.

PhpMyAdmin Method
Third party repair software method

Repair using phpMyAdmin: Follow the below steps to repair corrupt MySQL database table through phpmyadmin.

  • Login to the phpmyadmin.
  • Select the database.
  • Note: if you have only one database then it will be selected by default.
  • Goto to the main panel and choose database.
  • Select the corrupted MySQL database table.
  • Goto to the bottom of the window and click on the drop down menu.
  • Select Repair Table from the menu.
  • And phpmyadmin automatically fix the corruption in the table.

Third party repair software: If you are unable to repair corrupt MySQL table through above mentioned method then you should try any third party MySQL repair software. MySQL repair software is very helpful in most of the corruption cases and repair table up to ninety nine percent. These software are safe in nature and don't harm your database.

Top three MySQL database repair software: Top three MySQL database repair software are stellar phoenix database recovery for MySQL, recovery for MySQL, recovery toolbox for MySQL.

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  1. Please note that there is a huge difference between table recovery for MyISAM, InnoDB and other engines.