Friday, June 3, 2011

Discussing MySQL database corruption and an effective resolution for MySQL Recovery

You might have faced circumstances wherein you require transferring your MySQL databases to some other SQL Server. In such situation, it is necessary to create a database dump, which would comprise the structure of database tables and probably a list of SQL statements. This dump can be used for backup purposes in any distressing event of database corruption or inaccessibility. In MySQL, a database is dumped using the 'mysqldump' client. Sometimes you face problems while performing this operation. This unusual behavior is normally caused due to database corruption. As a consequence, you might lose access to your precious database components. To overcome this problem, you need to go for MySQL recovery through a reliable third-party utility.

For instance, when you attempt to dump one of your important MySQL databases, you may receive the following error message on your screen:

[root@www diaendomet]# mysqldump -ucojjohealth -p --all-databases >
Enter password:
mysqldump: Got error: 29: File '../diaendomet/users.MYD' not found
(Errcode: 2) when using LOCK TABLES


The above error occurred because of corruption in your MySQL database. The database may get corrupt due to reasons, such as virus infections, application errors, operating system bugs etc.

Corruption will make all the database components inaccessible and you may face a critical data loss situation. In this case, a backup will help to restore all the lost or inaccessible data. However, if the backup is missing, follow the below given resolution to recover MySQL database.

  • Try the procedure described below to resolve the problem-
  • Stop the MySQL server by killing a process named 'mysqld'.
  • Switch to the directory '$MYSQL_DATA_DIR'
  • Run the 'myisamchk' utility as follows:
myisamchk */*.myi
This will repair all the tables present in the directory.
  • Now, start the server and try to dump the database again using the 'mysqldump' utility.

If the problem still persists, you should take help of a MySQL database recovery software. These software are backed by efficient scanning algorithms to perform a complete recovery of the corrupt MySQL database. They can effectively repair and retrieve all the damaged database objects, including tables, relations, keys, constraints, queries etc.

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